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News Stories About Our Fallen Heroes

Everyday teams of American scientists, specialists, public servants and servicemen comb the world looking for the remains of U.S. Servicemen still missing in action.  Their work is not in vain as every year a number of remains are returned to US custody where every attempt is made to identify the remains and return them to their family.  I will attempt to link to newspaper articles which report about these success stories on this page.

Articles About To Honor Our Fallen.

Article: "Purple Hearts Tell Tale," The Frederick News-Post, Frederick MD. 4 July 2003.  A newspaper article about my collection.  Its a little cheesy, but I'll post it here anyway.

Articles About Purple Hearts and Missing and Deceased.

Article: "139 Missing Marines Found On Tarawa," The Military Trader, December 2008.

Article: "Opening A Door To The Painful Past: Disinterring victims after 67 year could lead to their identities." The Philadelphia Inquirer, 7 December 2008.

Article: "Marine Killed In Vietnam 40 Years Ago Gets A Final Salute As His Remains Are Buried In Cypress."  The Los Angeles Times, 9 November 2008.

Article and Video: "Six Decades And Half A World Away: During World War II, more than 2,000 American pilots and crew members were lost over Papua New Guinea. Now a Pentagon team is trying to bring them home." The Boston Globe, 25 May 2008.  A direct link to the video:

Article: "A Brother's Loss: A fliers' sibling in search of closure." The Boston Globe, 25 May 2008. Part 2 in a Series.

Article: "A Bond of Brothers: Kinship among servicemen drives a search in the jungles of Papua New Guinea."  The Boston Globe, 26 May 2008.  Part 3 in a series.

Article: "Team Tasked With Bringing Home War Dead: Joint effort aims to recover servicemembers' remains from wars past and present." USA Today, 19 March 2008.

Article: "Airman's Remains Identified 60 Years Later." The Boston Globe, 16 February 2008.